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Join Loyal.D's Help Shelter Dogs campaign by donating harnesses to your preferred community shelter. Every time a shelter dog is trained to walk confidently in a harness, it increases its chance of finding a forever loving home. 

Thank you for your support to the SPCA!  Please note:

- All items will be discounted by 10% for your chosen animal welfare group. 

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SPCA’s new initiative, ‘Teach with Kindness’, aims to promote humane training methods among pet guardians, as well as raise the standards within the animal training industry in Singapore

For several decades, SPCA has seen cases reporting the use of forceful and aversive animal training methods, predominantly in dog training. These include beating, kicking, choking and hanging, all known to cause pain, injury, fear, distress and anxiety. In a 2017 case, a trainer hung a pet dog using its leash and strangled the animal till the dog sputtered blood. It is very concerning that trainers are promoting the use of physical punishments and teaching these methods to their clients.

SPCA Stands

- To advocate humane, force-free, rewards-focused and evidence-based approaches to animal training.

- That the animal training industry is in urgent need of change and that a comprehensive review and the introduction of enhanced regulations are necessary.

- To renew a call for a ban on the use of the electric shock collar, as the device has no place in animal training. Its use is already banned or significantly restricted in numerous countries and jurisdictions such as the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and parts of the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia.

Find out more about the dogs at SPCA Singapore looking for a home here: Adoption – SPCA Singapore

Hence, on the SPCA Wish List is:

DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - XS - $69.90 less 10%

DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - S - $74.90 less 10%

DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - M - $79.90 less 10%

DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - L - $79.90 less 10%

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a non-governmental, registered animal welfare charity with IPC status. They rely on donations from our supporters to continue our important role as animal protectors.

Over $3,200,000 annually is required to run all their services including 24/7 emergency rescues, cruelty & welfare investigations, Singapore’s only community animal clinic, an adoption programme, education outreach, reuniting lost pets with owners, sterilisations for community animals, and a shelter for over 200 unwanted, abused or abandoned animals every month.

To learn more visit www.spca.org.sg

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