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Dog Shelters are often in need of items such as Harnesses & Leashes so they can walk the dogs in their care comfortably and safely, or treats for training. If you'd like to donate to a shelter please email us at customerservice@loyald.com 

We offer discounts for donations to shelters in Singapore and FREE local delivery.

You can also check our How to Help page Loyal.D - How to Help


Sam, Pee Wee & Soon Hawk from OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) out for a walk in the Freedom Harness & Leash


Thank you for choosing to adopt! 

The best way to adopt is by first checking the website and Facebook page of your local animal welfare groups.  Each shelter has its own specific adoption procedures that typically first involve completing an application form, which helps to understand more about your experience with dogs and if they have a suitable match.  It's also important to provide any extra information that will help them to assess too.  Once they have this information and if they see a suitable match then they would invite you for an initial meeting with the potential dog or dogs looking for a home.

Remember, shelters are managed by volunteers who also have to schedule their time to travel in for meetings so it's important to share as much information as possible in the application process.  

If you are invited for a meeting, this is the time to ask all the questions about the dog eg. health, history, issues etc, and spend time with the dog including taking the dog for a walk so it can be seen how well you can handle a dog and specifically the dog you are interested in. If you are a first-time dog owner or even a previous dog owner a shelter will typically recommend training and it is recommended to only use a Positive Reinforcement, Force-free dog trainer.  Every dog is different so even if you have had a dog before it can be a whole new learning experience with a new dog.  So it is important to be open to learn what is best for the dog in order to give it a happy, healthy and stress-free life.

Having a pet is a lifetime responsibility just as you would care for any family member.

Our Loyal.D dogs below were all adopted:

Beau was adopted as a senior dog from OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter).  He had spent the first 6 years of his life in a shelter since a puppy and never walked on leash until his adopter (Co-Founder Theresa) taught him through volunteering at the shelter.  He was not the most popular dog at the shelter as he was big, afraid of being petted, didn't make eye contact and was generally scared and stressed out. But now in a home, he is a completely different dog, friendly, affectionate, sweet, loves his toys, and a great walking companion.

Shiro was taken by AVS when he was found stranded as a stray puppy in a river, he was then bailed out from the pound and adopted by Co-Founder Theresa as a very scared puppy who still battles his fears but with time and patience has grown in confidence, especially when he is at his favourite places near water and open green spaces (with as little humanity as possible!).

Pango was also adopted from OSCAS as a failed foster dog.  She was fostered by Co-Founder Theresa as was due to be sterilized so needed a clean home to recover and being a friendly small girl there was hope she would find a home easily.  She however was returned from 3 homestays as she had a fear of men (which she has now overcome) and so her fosterer ended up adopting her with her quirks and all!

Polo was adopted by Co-Founder Aparna from SPCA Singapore as a young adult dog who it appeared had been abandoned. He lives happily with his human sister who came along after him and so they grew up together. Dogs are family too!