Hip & Joint Oil (Liquid Glucosamine)





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Hip & Joint Oil (Liquid Glucosamine)

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Keep Your Dog Strong, Healthy & Mobile!

Natural Dog Company's Hip & Joint Oil supports canine joint function, cartilage health, and overall mobility. It provides support for healthy bones, joint strength, and connective tissues while helping to ease discomfort by promoting mobility and flexibility. Our Hip & Joint oil may also help relieve occasional inflammation associated with normal exercise and activity.

Size: 160z / 473ml bottle

This product is vet approved.


What is the purpose of the aloe juice in Hip & Joint Oil?
The juice of the Aloe Vera plant is an effective anti-inflammatory ingredient! It provides relief of joint immobility and pain, and also acts as an antioxidant.

Can Hip & Joint Oil be used with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil?
Yes, Hip & Joint Oil can be given to your pup with our Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. A full dosage of each according to your pup's weight is completely safe!

Is Hip & Joint Oil safe for diabetic dogs?
Please consult with your vet before giving your pup our Hip & Joint Oil as it contains Stevia, a canine-safe sweetener to improve taste.

What is the flavor of the Hip & Joint Oil?
It doesn't have a flavor, but does contain Stevia. That's a canine-safe sweetener to improve taste, so that it doesn't taste like nothing if that makes sense! Without the Stevia, the liquid would taste pretty minerally and isn't as palatable for your pup.

Is your Hip & Joint Oil safe for puppies?
We recommend starting puppies young as a preventative! It's completely safe for dogs of all ages. As soon as dogs are eating solid foods, they are able to take our Hip & Joint Oil. The serving size is based on weight, and is listed on the label.

Can Hip & Joint Oil be taken with the other NDC supplements?
Our Hip & Joint Oil can be given with any of our other supplements, with the exception of the Hip and Joint chews. Both treat hip and joint issues, but the main difference is that one is a chew and one is a liquid. That means you won't want to give both to your pup at the same time!

What is the best by date (expiration date) for the Hip & Joint Oil?
Hip & Joint Oil is most effective if used within 90 days of opening. It can still be used beyond that time, but efficacy will decrease as the oil ages. If unopened, the product can be stored safely for 2 years.

What’s the difference between Hip & Joint Oil and Hip & Joint Supplement?
The difference between our Hip & Joint Oil and Hip and Joint Supplements is mainly the way it's given to your pup. The supplements are a chew like a vitamin, and the Hip & Joint Oil is added to the dog's food. Some dogs have trouble with pills or chews, so in that case the Hip & Joint Oil would be the go-to!

Both have the same active ingredients, however our Liquid formula is slightly stronger than our Supplement formula, so we recommend Hip & Joint Oil for dogs with severe issues and health concerns!

Hip & Joint Oil is recommended for dogs that have more severe hip and joint issues, and is available as a food topper rather than a chew like the Hip and Joint supplements. If your pup has allergies to certain flours, fish, or chicken the Liquid would be a better option to still take advantage of those powerful benefits!

Is Hip & Joint Oil a preventative product or a treatment product?
Hip & Joint Oil can be used either as a treatment or for prevention! It treats existing issues caused by joint damage like stiffness, inflammation, and joint pain. However, it can be a great food topper to give dogs that are expected to experience those issues later in life, especially breeds like labs, golden retrievers, german shepherds, or dachshunds.

Would the Hip & Joint Supplement or the Hip & Joint Oil be better for my pup?
If your pup has issues with taking pills or chewables, we would recommend the Hip & Joint Oil. The Liquid formula is also stronger than the Hip and Joint supplements and works great for dogs with more severe hip and joint issues and breeds that are prone to these types of issues such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds.

How many pumps of Hip & Joint Oil per bottle?
There are approximately 100 pumps per 16oz bottle of Hip & Joint Oil.


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Glucosamine is the #1 ingredient recommended by vets for treating dogs with hip and joint issues and preventing these problems in pups who are predisposed to them. Give your pup the extra strength and support they need to repair cartilage damage and prevent future wear and tear.
Hip & Joint Oil is a powerhouse product that:

  • Repairs cartilage damage and prevents future wear and tear

  • Reduces inflammation associated with joint pain, stiffness, and immobility

  • Promotes healthy lubrication of joints

  • Minimizes pain caused by arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems

Glucosamine is sure to have your pup feeling the best they have in ages!

The ingredients in Hip & Joint Oil are naturally produced by all dogs, but production decreases as dogs age— hence the need to add these important supplements back into Scout's diet.

Active Ingredients:

  • Glucosamine (Shellfish) Encourages the repair of damaged cartilage (the spongy material that cushions joints)

  • MSM Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant; relieves pain & discomfort; also known as methylsulfonylmethane

  • Manganese Promotes strong ligament development & maintenance

  • Hyaluronic Acid Aids with lubrication of joints

  • Chondroitin Sulfate (Bovine) Restricts cartilage breakdown; supports healthy fluid retention

Remaining Ingredients: Pure aloe vera juice, citric acid, potassium sorbate, purified water, sodium benzoate, stevia, vegetable glycerin


Apply the recommended number of pumps to during or after mealtime. Can be divided between AM & PM meals if desired.

Suggested dosage based on dog’s weight:

Here's some information that will help with determining the right dosage for your pup. We recommend 1 tsp per 20 pounds of body weight, and one pump of Hip & Joint Oil is equivalent to 1 tsp.

10 lbs and under - 0.5 pumps per day
10-19 lbs - 1 pump per day
20-39 lbs - 1 pump 2x daily
40-59 lbs - 1.5 pumps 2x daily
60-79 lbs - 2 pumps 2x daily
80-99 lbs - 2.5 pumps 2x daily
100+ lbs - 3 pumps 2x daily

Each bottle of Hip & Joint Oil (16oz) contains approximately 236.5 pumps.

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