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In this blog as part of the Moving with your Pets series, we cover transporting your dog from Singapore to Portugal during COVID times.
Bringing home baby to meet your dog - Sunny and Felix
Sunny is a lucky Singapore special, who was adopted by an animal-loving couple and former fellow volunteer, Ina Lehmann and now lives in Germany. Sunny has shown true Singapawrean adaptability, adjusting to a new country, changes in the weather, and most importantly, smoothly taking on the role of becoming a big fur brother!
Teach with Kindness #chooseforcefree
Top Dog Trainer Tips - Reward-Based Training ( We had a chat with Dr. Jaipal Singh Gill, Executive Director, SPCA Singapore on SPCA Singapore’s recent “Teach with Kindness“ campaign to address cruelty in training. A campaign that Loyal.D is very passionate about and we were fortunate to partner with SPCA Singapore in helping to promote better tools in training.
Moving Countries with your Pet Cat: Singapore to Seoul
Loyal.D had a chat with Colette Alexandratos, a fellow volunteer and one of our favourite illustrators. In February 2021 Colette moved from Singapore to Seoul, South Korea with her cat Socks. Wherever life may take you, even in these challenging COVID times, there are ways to move with your pets and our Blog series hopes to reassure and share experiences from those like Colette who have relocated with their pet.
Healthcare Tips for Senior Dogs - Interview with Rehabilitation Veterinary Dr. Priya - Part 3
To wrap-up our dog blog series on arthritis and joint issues for senior dogs, we spoke with Dr. Priya of ARK Veterinary Rehabilitation who has been a big supporter of dogs in shelters and is an expert in the area of veterinary rehabilitation.
Healthcare Tips for Senior Dogs: Fostering Senior Shelter Dog CX - Part 2
Fellow volunteer, Jennica has been dedicated to helping shelter dogs in Singapore for years, especially the dogs at SOSD Singapore and OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter). Last year during the circuit breaker, Jennica and her husband decided to foster CX, a lovable senior dog from OSCAS who they have been actively helping with her health issues. Besides CX, they have their own senior dog Helix (who they adopted and brought over from the US) and then another two Singapore Specials, mid-aged Goofy and young Senna. We had a chat with her about looking after her seniors.
Healthcare Tips for Senior Dogs: Arthritis and Joint Pain Management - Part 1
We first noticed it in the morning, when instead of having a wet nose and enthusiastic waggy wake-up, we saw our dog sleepily and slowly get up, stretch gently and then limp his way towards us. The limp would slowly reduce during the walk, as his joints warmed up for the day. From happy, energetic long walks to now slower, sniffing sessions, we have seen the changes that life brings along with the marching of time.