SPUTNIK - Multi-Function Dog leash






Multi-Function Dog leash

  • $29.00

SPUTNIK delivers both function and style in this tough but lightweight leash that combines a custom herringbone nylon with a genuine leather handle for outstanding hand-feel and grip as well as excellent pull-strength.

This multi-function leash is easily adjustable in length via a slider and in function by hooking the solid metal clasp on either of the cleverly located D-rings. Comfortably wear it crossbody for the ultimate hands-free experience or allow the adjustable portion some length at the bottom to enjoy the control of a traffic handle.

• Lightweight and easy on your arms
• Genuine leather handle for outstanding hand-feel and grip
• Tough herringbone nylon webbing with excellent pull-strength
• Multi-function with solid metal clasps and cleverly located D-rings
• Wear crossbody for hands-free experience
• Can be adjusted for traffic handle
• Easily adjustable length from 110 cm to 190 cm
• Handcrafted in Taiwan

Complete the look!
• S Leashes match S and S plus Harnesses
• M Leashes match M and L Harnesses
• Complete the look with Clean Bag

S – 1.5cm width - $29.00
M – 2.5cm width - $35.00

- Blue
- Green
- Red
- Yellow

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Sputnik accessories have a combination of nylon webbing and leather parts.

Care for the nylon webbing parts:
- Gentle handwash with mild laundry detergent
- no machine wash
- air dry, away from direct sunlight 

Care for the leather parts:
- Wipe off any visible dirt using a dry clean cloth
- Mix mild laundry detergent or any PH-balanced leather cleaner with bottled or distilled water
- Using a microfibre cloth or sponge, clean the leather parts softly - be sure not to completely wet or soak the leather as water can damage leather over time
- Finally, use another clean, soft cloth to buff the leather and allow it to air dry (do take note not to dry in direct sunlight as sun may cause the leather parts to dry up and crack).

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