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TOP 5 Reasons why two dogs are better than one

Racer & Ebal (9 year olds) have shared a kennel together their whole lives at the shelter and it would be a dream come true if they found a loving home together!  They are like two dogs with one soul.

Dogs are family for us humans and they bring so much joy and happiness into our lives, so it's but natural for us to think of ways in which we can make their lives more enriched - and what better than getting your dog a friend of his/her own kind. We always like to promote adoption and here's our top reasons to get your dog a companion or still better, adopt two dogs!

1. They will keep each other entertained and exercised - that means you too! It also means they can keep each other company when you leave them alone for short periods of time. For anxious dogs, this can help ease separation anxiety in the long run.

2. Training can become easier as dogs often learn from other dogs. Senior dogs too can learn new tricks and a new companion may just get inspire them! 

3. For senior dogs, getting a companion will help keep your dog mentally more engaged and sometimes helps keep them more agile giving them a new burst of life!

4. One of the best reasons, you are saving two lives! You can directly impact (and save) the lives of dogs by giving them a safe, happy home. Plus, adopting dogs from your local animal shelter creates more space and attention for other animals-in-need.

5. There’s nothing better than coming home to a pet who loves you unconditionally—and you can double that love with a second furry family member.

 Ebal & Racer, like 2 dogs in 1!

From easier training to better mental and emotional health (for you and your dogs!), to saving the lives of other animals, there are so many solid reasons to adopt a second dog.

Tips to keep in mind when bringing home your second dog:

1. Make sure your present dog meets and gets to know the dog you plan to adopt in a neutral environment over a few visits and go for walks together.

2. Make sure both dogs get ample individual attention while they get time to bond. This will ensure they both feel comfortable and loved for the one who is entering a new home and the one who is making space in his/her territory to welcome a new friend.

3. Be patient, trust your dogs and allow them the freedom to work some stuff out between themselves.

4. If you are not confident, engage a positive reinforcement trainer to help guide you through the process. It may cost a little but it will ensure a smooth transition for everyone in the family

If this blog helped you make up your mind and if you'd like to adopt two dogs contact your shelter to see what pairs they may have available (or if you want to get a companion for your present dog).  To adopt Racer and Ebal get in touch with: 

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