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Reasons for using a Martingale collar for dogs

When we decided to make martingale collars as part of the Loyal.D product range, we carried out research on how and why this collar is best used, and what would make it more comfortable and safe for both dog and human.

A martingale collar is a collar that basically gives better control over a dog without fully choking like a slip leash or full choke collar does. Designed with a smaller loop that makes the larger loop tighten around the dog's neck if the dog pulls a lot, it can be used with positive training methods like any collar or harness. When used properly, the aim is for the collar to tighten just enough for the dog to understand the behaviour is undesirable and yet, not let the dog slip out - keeping safety as the top priority. The martingale is more comfortable for our canine friends compared to a slip leash or full choke collar, where the full choking effect causes the dog to get more stressed.

If used with a long leash and treats as part of positive reinforcement training, the martingale collar works well as a training tool for certain dogs. Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash. To fit correctly, you should be able to fit at least one finger between the collar and dogs neck. If you work with a certified Dog trainer, do check with your trainer for tips and then introduce the collar to your fur friend through positive reinforcement tips.

The Loyal.D designed martingale collars are made with a soft-padded neoprene lining to ensure the collar is comfortable around your dog's neck.

Launch of the Good Vibes Tribe: Lisu Tribal Martingale

As most Loyal.D friends and family know, we like to keep aside a percentage from all our sales for local dog shelters. But as part of our larger vision, we hope that some of our products can also provide employment to those who need it the most.

When we heard about how the hardworking and talented women of the Lisu Hill Tribe in Chiang Mai earned a living with the help of a NGO that facilitated their work, we ceased the opportunity. Using their distinct, traditional design, they created a sturdy, yet colourful smaller loop for the Loyal.D martingale collars.

In addition, we asked them to create purses with the same design that matches the collar, which provides a practical, eco-friendly and creative gift package for the collar and matching leash set.

This project helped to provide another source of income for these people who live in a remote part of the hills of Chiang Mai.

Loyal.D supports SOSD Charity Dinner 2018

We've been supporting the SOSD (Save our Street Dogs, one of Singapore's volunteer run animal welfare groups) Charity Dinner for the last couple of years and are happy to support it again in 2018!

To help SOSD raise much needed donations, Loyal.D will be donating a Gift Hamper for their highly anticipated auction and charity gala dinner, and our Good Vibes Tribe Lisu gift set will also be included as part of the Loyal.D hamper!

To stand a chance to win this hamper worth more than S$200 and to join SOSD's charity dinner on 18th August 2018, click here for more details:

How do you know that the martingale is not working for you and your dog?

Different dogs have different needs and hence, dog accessories vary. When you realise your dog is not reading the message of the collar tightening a bit around the neck or going blue in the tongue and face from pulling (we have come across such a case!), you know the martingale collar is not working as a training tool for you. In such cases, we recommend the Freedom no-pull harness as it employs the same concept of a martingale loop, but on the back -vs - the neck (which is less stressful) and provides more comfort and safety. Even while using the Freedom harness it's important to follow recommended training tips to get best results (there are resources online).

Above all, we hope you and your fur friend enjoy time outdoors in a stress-free manner, with ample opportunity to explore, sniff around, play and bond!

The Lisu Tribal Martingale Gift Set is full of good vibes helping the people who made it and the dogs who will wear it.

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