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Shelter dogs steal the show at EtonHouse Broadrick's School carnival

If a school carnival's coupons could have got a dog, we know a few kids that would have gone home with Bravo, CX, Pango and Belle - four rescued dogs looking for a forever loving home! The children of EtonHouse Broadrick School showed their love for animals by spending time with their fur friends, in spite of the cotton candy, bouncy castles and water slides around.

Bravo charmed this little girl

EtonHouse Broadrick opened its' doors for shelter dogs at their PSA (Parent Student Association) carnival on Saturday, 1st of June 2018. This act of kindness allowed these four dogs to get a chance to meet potential families and for us to educate children on the benefits of adoption.

Besides meeting Bravo, CX and Pango, the dogs from OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) and Belle, a dog from an individual rescuer, the volunteers got a chance to educate children on the right way to approach a dog, the adoption process and the responsibilities that go into caring for a fur friend for it's entire life.

We hope the exposure will result in more interest and a potential new home for one (or all, if you believe in miracles!) of these dogs.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to add a furry member to your family! Visit: or your community shelter to learn more about dogs looking for homes because every child deserves a best fur friend.

And for all those parents, who surely have been asked for a pet an innumerable number of times, here's a handy check-list to know when you are ready:


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