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Eight fierce, fabulous and fun guardian angels for animals in Singapore

Singapore may be a tiny island but there is an abundance of passionate and fabulous women here who inspire us with their focus and dedication to helping animals in need.

To celebrate International Women's Day (after all, Loyal.D is run by two women!) we connected with eight women and asked them to share their advice on adopting a pet and why they love animals. Together with them, we raise a toast to all the wonderful women out there focused on helping animals!


Jennica and CX, a senior dog at OSCAS. CX is still looking for her forever loving home.

An affectionate dog whisperer and seasoned volunteer, Jennica, is the ultimate guardian angel for less fortunate shelter dogs, especially the older ones. Jennica spends her time helping the dogs at SOSD and OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) helping rehabilitate and re-home dogs through active dog walking, taking them for adoption drives and overseeing medical issues. She moved to Singapore from the USA over 4 years ago with her two rescued dogs and cat, and once here, also adopted a Singapore Special from SOSD.

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

JL: I LOVE animals because they find joy in the simplest things!

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet, specially as a family?

JL: My three tips:

1. Take your time and make sure to choose a pet that will fit your lifestyle not only now, but also in the future.

2. The shelter and adoption drives can be a stressful place for pets, so don’t immediately walk by the animal that doesn’t rush up to greet you.

3. Pets are a big responsibility and I can guarantee your child is not going to walk the dog everyday, so take home the dog if you are ready for the commitment!


Jean and Belle, a one year old Singapore Special that Jean is trying to find a home for.

Local Singaporean Jean is a dog handler/trainer and re-homer, Jean is a familiar face at the smaller shelters in Pasir Ris where she visits the dogs daily. Without her dedication the dogs chances to find homes would be greatly diminished.

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

JP: I LOVE ANIMALS because they are genuine, honest, loyal and good teachers - I learn from them and how to be better in many ways.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

JP: Can you provide what they need in terms of their well-being, which will take time, commitment, perseverance, patience, space and finance. Most importantly love them and be responsible for them for their entire life.


An athlete, an animal lover, a dog behaviorist, trainer and an inspiration with kick-ass attitude, Marie Choo has made running to help rescue dogs her mission. Her passion for her cause has motivated many followers and her fund raising efforts regularly help community shelters. Her current Run for Rescue Dogs is to complete the 100km Ultra-Trail through the Blue Mountains in Australia, where every dollar donated will help the shelter dogs of MWS (Mdm Wong's Shelter), OSCAS and Uncle Khoe's K9 with their move out of Pasir Ris. To donate visit her site:

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

MC: I LOVE ANIMALS because they make the world a better place, especially dogs with their unconditional love for us.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

MC: The most important thing to consider when adopting a pet is your commitment to it - which encompasses time (to walk, play and bond), money (food, grooming and medical costs) and love (will you love it for as long as it lives and not just a few weeks). A pet should be treated as a family member and adoption is a process not be taken lightly and must be considered carefully.


An artist, activist and dedicated conservationist, Alpana spends a lot of her time helping animals in need, be it street dogs or wild, endangered animals in need of being rescued. This global animal crusader divides her time between helping ACRES in Singapore and animal welfare organisations in India.

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

AA: I Love Animals - I was drawn to them at a very young age. My Grandfather kept a dog when I was about 7 years old and that started my love affair. Then writers like Gerald Durrell and James Herriot influenced me.... and I rescued little birds and squirrels and spent a lot of time in my garden.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

AA: Keeping a pet is a huge commitment, so find out the likely life span of the animal before you adopt it.

LD: How can people in urban cities best learn to co-exist with wildlife around them?

AA: If people can respect and appreciate wildlife then co-habiting is easier, as people will be more tolerant. But if people treat wildlife as ‘pests’ then it’s a tough situation. So education is the key.


Eliza and Dobby, her adopted dog.

Eliza started out as a dolphin trainer before applying those positive reinforcement skills to become a dog trainer too, or rather a people trainer - . She regularly helps rehabilitate dogs at the smaller Pasir Ris shelters where many are benefiting from her devotion.

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

EL: I LOVE ANIMALS because they are such sweethearts and individually unique and special.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

EL: The most important thing to consider when adopting a pet is whether you have time to meet the needs of the particular pet.


Image 1: Bettina and Phoenix. Image 2: Giving Jak a grooming at OSCAS.

Bettina is not afraid to take on a challenge to help a dog in need! She regularly volunteers at local animal shelter Mutts n Mittens and at dog shelter OSCAS She actively helps to re-home dogs and is currently fostering a young partially paralysed dog Phoenix (in picture) taking him to water therapy every week. Having a son and two dogs of her own she has also inspired them and her husband to help too!

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

BS: I love animals, because they make the world a more interesting and fun place and deserve to be happy and feel loved.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

BS: Ask yourself - are you able to make this animal a member of your family and commit to caring for them and loving them for the rest of their life?

LD: You have been dedicated to rehabilitating Phoenix for a while now and we can see the progress. Any tips for friends who may have fur friends in similar situation?

BS: For me the most important thing is to have a routine! Makes everything run more smoothly and is also reassuring for the dog.


Isabelle and Camper, her adopted Singapore Special

Originally from Belgium, Isabelle not only called Singapore home for many years, she used her time here to diligently volunteer and support local shelters: fundraising, walking dogs, transporting dogs to events and the vet, fostering and helping wherever she could. Her love for animals is so strong that she will leave Singapore with two Singapore Specials: adopted cat Percy from SPCA and adopted dog Camper from OSCAS !

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence):

IR: Animals are fascinating. I love to watch their behaviour. It never tires me. Dogs and recently also cats are my favourites. In another life I would live on a farm.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet?

IR: The most important thing about adopting a dog is giving this dog a second chance at being a happy pet in a loving home. I have always had pedigree dogs before. Helping in a shelter like OSCAS made me realise that older mongrels can be wonderful pets too. Fostering is also a wonderful way of enhancing the chance for adoption. Wish I lived here in Singapore in a house with a large garden.


Pic 1: Su Lin with her three adopted dogs and a foster dog! Pic 2: With dogs at Pulau Ubin Pic 3: With Client's dog

Last, but not the least, we want to leave you with with the fabulous Su Lin, the lady with the special connection to dogs. She and her husband have been dedicated supporters and volunteers at local dog shelters, helping animals in need and guiding young volunteers whenever they can. Su Lin focuses a lot of her time now as a dog trainer and behaviourist:

LD: I love animals because (complete the sentence): SL: I LOVE ANIMALS because I always immediately feel happy and relaxed around them.

LD: What's the most important thing to consider when adopting a pet? SL: A pet is family. Consider carefully if you and your family have the time to commit to being responsible pet parents for the entire lifespan of the pet.

If these fabulous women have inspired you to want to join and help Animal Welfare, contact them directly or drop us a note. Meanwhile, below is a handy check list, in case you or anyone you know wants to get a pet - feel free to share it!

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