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UWCSEA East K1 students welcome Singapore shelter dogs into class

It started off like any other week day, but when you bring the innocence of dogs and children together, expect laughter, love and magic!

Singapore shelter dogs Pango and Mack Mack shared a lesson on kindness to animals

They say we can learn a lot from animals and so we brought in two of our best doggy teachers, puppy Pango and mighty Mack Mack, from OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) to meet the K1 students at UWCSEA East on Tuesday, 28th Nov 2017.

This special community hour activity was to help the K1 students understand the need to respect and be kind to animals, realise that not all animals are fortunate to have a loving home and learn the right way to approach a dog. Shelter dogs Pango and Mack Mack were perfect guides to help the children understand this.

The three key learnings we hope the children took away are:

1. Always approach a dog gently, without sudden movement or loud noise and let the dog approach you to sniff your hand. A child's excitement is a natural reaction, but it can scare a dog and put them on guard

2. Dogs don’t really enjoy hugs and especially from people they don't know – a pat behind the ears or back is far more appreciated!

3. If you want to save a life and welcome a dog into your family - ADOPT Don’t Shop!

For some children, this was the very first time they did not feel afraid to approach and interact with a dog, The children were curious on everything from the gender of the dogs, did dogs do stinky farts to why these dogs did not have a home ... questions that opened their mind, helped them think more compassionately and let them experience the magic of interacting with another living thing.

By educating the children on the correct steps and showing them that not all creatures are fortunate, we hope to sow the seeds of kindness and empathy for animals. If you would like to invite us and some furry teachers into your class, drop us an email at To learn more about OSCAS dogs visit

#supportshelterdogs #adoptdontshop #childrenanddogs #uwcsea_east

#childrenanddogs #uwcseaeast #adoptdontshop

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