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A Singapore shelter dog's journey to home

If Tania was a human, her life would have become a beautiful, blockbuster movie - orphaned soon after birth, Tania and her siblings were left to fend for themselves as tiny puppies in a harsh world. Slowly, she lost her three siblings one by one and may have met a similar fate, if not for two kind ladies who found her and gave her shelter.

While she now has a roof over her head, it has been six long years of wait until this picture captured the hearts of potential adopters and with an event having been put together this would allow her and her friends looking for homes to hopefully find one.

Tania is one of the 110+ dogs at OSCAS, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, waiting (sometimes for years) to find a home. The shelter, like most, have many dogs but not enough volunteers to help rehabilitate and re-home their many, sweet Singapore specials.

OSCAS is a registered charity and a no-kill dog shelter in Singapore where team Loyal.D regularly volunteers. This small shelter in Singapore has over the last 18-20 months seen a group of dedicated volunteers join hands and focus on two core areas:

1) Walk the shelter dogs - with each step giving them the confidence towards helping them to be comfortable in an home environment.

2) Find homes for the dogs whether that be in foster care or a forever home!

Like all other shelters at Pasir Ris, OSCAS shall soon lose their premises and need to relocate to Sungei Tengah in early 2018 due to redevelopment. In an effort to find as many homes before the move, our motley crew of 15 regular volunteers from the Wednesday walking group came together to organise "OSCAS Shelter Dogs Journey to Home", an open day with a homemade CHARITEA on Saturday 18th November for anyone to learn more about how they can help: Volunteer, Foster, Sponsor, Donate & ADOPT!

The event saw a wonderful turnout of like-minded people and up till now, this group of volunteers have collected over S$18,000 for the fund raiser. The funds collected will be used to keep the dogs healthy by providing basic care and medical treatment as they wait in the hope of finding homes.

A large part of the funds raised happened thanks to a Raffle with amazing prizes from dog-loving sponsors. We were also grateful to have 987FM Radio DJ Sonia Chew join us with her family to draw the lucky winning tickets.

Lucky winners took home everything from travel, shopping and dining vouchers, wine, olive oil, chocolate hampers to our very own Loyal.D gift hampers.

Tania hasn't completed her journey home as yet, nor have all the other dogs at OSCAS. This movie is still playing and if you would like to have a part, either by volunteering, adopting, fostering, sponsoring or donating, drop us an email at

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