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Foster care changes the luck & lives of the underdog

They say every dog has it's day and Singapore's slowly growing pool of fostering angels are certainly changing the lives for some very fortunate dogs.

Let's start with these three lucky Singapore Special pups found at a construction site near Changi. Rescued by an individual rescuer, these pups were given temporary shelter by OSCAS, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, where Loyal.D regularly volunteers. However, as it was very soon obvious, the shelter is not a place for such small pups.

Bettina, one of the regular volunteers at Pasir Ris shelters and her husband opened their hearts to the pups, who joined their home with their son and two dogs! Bettina has proven that with proper guidance and care, it is possible to foster a dog even if you have your own dogs.  She focused on training the pups (clearly with a little help from the other furry family members) to help them become more comfortable with a home environment, trust humans and understand basic commands.

Today, these three little pups - Scoopy, Max and Mei Mei - are living together in their forever loving home with their new adopted family where sleeping together couldn't get any better!

As Bettina said, "Fostering is one of the best ways to help these dogs as it is so hard to train and make them happy, friendly dogs if they live in a noisy, stressful shelter environment. We will definitely be doing more fostering!" 

"In the midst of darkness, light persists" - Mahatma Gandhi's quote sums up well the character of Kiat Kiat - another special Singapore Special.'

Kiat Kiat is a chained dog rescue case who has been at OSCAS shelter for a couple of years. He has come through some dark situations and survived with the strength of a warrior but none of the aggression.  While at the shelter he suffered a torsion attack - a medical condition that often takes the lives of pets in a painful manner.  He was rushed to the vet where he was operated on and stayed under intensive care for over a week.

Weakened, but strong in spirit, we knew if he had a chance at survival, he would need extended foster care to recover. He was initially fostered by Loyal.D staff Theresa and her dog Shiro, where he got a chance to recuperate in a safe and nurturing environment. He is now being fostered with the kind-hearted Isabelle Rnwlt, another regular volunteer dog shelters, who is trying to convince her adopted cat Percy that he comes in peace!

Kiat Kiat has proven time and again what a strong and gentle soul he is. If you think you would like Kiat Kiat to adopt you, drop us a note at and we can arrange a play date!

If you would like to foster in Singapore or have any questions on how to start fostering (in every part of the world there are animals looking for help), feel free to contact us at.

By fostering you not only save a life, you enrich your own life experience!

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