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The shortest distance you need to travel to belong anywhere

They have changed the way people travel and now they are changing the way people work. Airbnb, the company that books more hotel rooms than the world's largest hotel chains (without owning a single hotel) is also a unique place to work with a company culture encourages a strong sense of community.

(The second pack of airbnb dog walkers with Brownie and Ling Ling, 14th September 2016)

As part of the employee perks, airbnb employees get four hours a month to do community service and Loyal.D has been delighted to host two packs of employees over the last few months as part of our 'Join the dog walking pack' campaign. Both teams helped Loyal.D walk the dogs at OSCAS, Oasis Second Chance for Animals Shelter.

(The first pack of airbnb dog walkers, 12th July 2016)

From first-time walkers to seasoned 'doggy people', the airbnb teams have joined us with enthusiasm and in return, got to experience the sheer joy of seeing some of the shelter dogs enjoy stepping out for a walk, sniff around, play in the grass and take in the outdoors. For many of these dogs, it's the only time in the week they get out so it's truly a treat! A treat we'd like to see happen more often for these dogs as we look forward to more volunteers join us.

Would you like to form a pack and join us? Here are ways in which you can help:

- Join our dog walking pack on a regular basis. Email us at:

- Be a doggy champion for a particular shelter dog to help us find a forever loving home so it does not have to spend the rest of its life in a shelter. The best way to do this is to come by the shelter, meet the dogs and invariably you will find yourself forming a bond with some dog... it's a natural two-way process. Then you become that dog's 'champion' - using your network and social media platforms to help find it a loving home.

- Foster a dog: This is helpful in many ways. One way being when we sterilise a dog or if a dog needs to heal from any post surgery - the dog needs to recover properly in a clean, dry home environment for at least 2 weeks. At the same time, this also helps the dog get use to a home environment and urban surroundings, get out on daily walks and generally build its confidence which all help to get the dog ready to be adopted into a forever home. And who knows the dog may even find potential adopters through the exposure that you as a fosterer can give it when walking in your neighbourhood, or through your own network. Email us at: if interested in fostering and we'll send you the foster care application form.

- Donate directly to the shelter to help cover food costs, shelter rents & repairs, medical bills. You can also sponsor a particular dog(s) costs. There are many reliable and sincere shelters in Singapore that we work closely with and would be more than happy to guide you, if required.

- Volunteer at adoption drives - by transporting a dog with a handler. Getting dogs to adoption drive events is often tricky as there is often not enough transport. If you are able to help with transport this makes the difference for a dog to be seen or not seen by potential adopters!

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