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When a little Pepper brought a lot of sweetness into their lives

Living a life as an expatriate is a big adventure, but it also holds back a lot of people from making decisions that require much more time and commitment ... such as taking in a pet. One such lovely couple are Suzy and Fraser from Scotland, who are both animal lovers but are not ready to adopt a pet as yet.

However, this did not hold back super Suzy to foster a dog and volunteer. Suzy joined the Loyal.D pack as a volunteer to walk the dogs once a week at OSCAS, Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter, at Pasir Ris, Singapore. She and her friends bring in loads of positive energy and love to help a lot of the shelter dogs enjoy a walk out into the sunshine, a sniff of the grass and fresh air and for many of them, this is the only time they get out for a walk during a week!

Besides organising the dog walks, Loyal.D regularly helps to sterilise shelter dogs, which helps reduce their stress levels and gets them ready for adoption. It costs between $230 - $250 to sterilise a dog. Funds to do this are raised through our product sales, donations and fundraising activities, however more important is the post-surgery recovery period. It is not advisable to let a dog heal at the shelter as the environment is humid, hot and wet from constant washing down of their kennel floors and this scenario can lead to infection and potentially more medical bills! In order to carry out a successful sterilisation, fosterers are needed for at least two weeks so that these shelter dogs can recuperate and heal properly.

When Loyal.D got 11 month old Pepper, a gentle and very affectionate Singapore Special sterilised, Suzy and her husband Fraser opened their home for her! Pepper gave them the joy of having a pet at home and they gave her a chance to get used to a home environment and urban surroundings - which help immensely to get a dog ready to be adopted. Fostering not only exposes a dog to a home environment but also exposes a dog to potential adopters while out on walks or within a fosterers network. We are hoping this will happen for Pepper as she potentially goes for a home trial next week!

If you would like to adopt Pepper, help us foster any dogs or volunteer, contact Loyal.D at .

Remember, you can be the change you want to see in this world and every little bit helps!

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