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This Gatsby lived happily ever after

Gatsby with his best friend, Tara

From Rover to Raju, dogs often get names that reflect a person’s interests or a cultural preference. So, when our friends invited us to join them as they went about adopting their first puppy, we enthusiastically joined in.

Named after the character from a literary classic, one would expect young little Gatsby to be enigmatic or dramatic. Instead, we found a happy, high-energy ball of fur who was excited at meeting new people. It was heartwarming to see his affection and enthusiasm as we were aware of his unfortunate past. Gatsby and his six siblings were found in a forested area and to the shock of the kind rescuers, four of them had horrid maggot wounds. They were rushed to the vet and while three were treated successfully, the last little one did not make it through.

Sweet Gula

All the puppies (Gatsby's sister, Gula, on the right) have found loving homes and Gatsby, the bright-eyed bundle, has found a lifelong best friend in Tara Prakash – a young girl who is now using her free time to help other dogs in need.

So yes, this story will have a happily ever after!

Gatsby sports Loyal.D’s Martingale.D collar

Gatsby sporting Loyal.D Martingale & leash

As first time dog parents, Gatsby’s adopted parents reached out to us to recommend the best collar and leash and we recommended the Martingale.D. The martingale collar is an ideal solution as it works well with high energy puppies or nervous young adult dogs learning to walk on leash.

The collar allows the dog walker to tighten it with a quick tug to prevent the dog from escaping when he gets frightened or just wants to run off to see his friends at the park. When the dog is walking calmly the collar automatically loosens, which lets the dog know he’s behaving and walking well. The Loyal.D Martingale.D collar is padded with neoprene, which provides more comfort to the dog as it does not cut into their neck like some others can do.

This collar is fully adjustable (like all Loyal.D collars) so once on the dog ensure it is adjusted to the correct size. The Martingale.D collar works well for puppies under training or high-energy, nervous-energy dogs. It may not work on dogs that don’t like to wear any collars as it has to be slipped over the head to get it on and off and it may also be restrictive for dogs with breathing or lung issues.

As with all collars, we recommend you take due precautions if you plan to leave the collar on your dog 24/7 and make sure it is adjusted to avoid any accidents.

To check out Loyal.D’s Martingale.D collars, click here

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