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Painting with Pooches Event brings colour on a rainy day

Loyal.D’s Painting with Pooches for SG50 charity event saw a decent turn-out in spite of heavy rains, prooving dog lovers will come through rain or shine to support animals in need. The event held at Myra’s Restaurant at the Indoor Stadium had more than 40 participants of all ages create paintings together with dogs. More than S$1500 was raised towards the cause. The money will be used by the animal welfare groups - CAS (Cause for Animals) & OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) to help towards medical care of the dogs they shelter.

Loyal.D’s Painting with Pooches is an event where participants get to paint in a fun and relaxed atmosphere and once they finish their painting it can get a ‘pawsome’ stamp by a rescued dog. Loyal.D partners - The Barkery and artist Anuradha Kabra joined Loyal.D at the event with their products and 10% from all sales was donated back to the fundraiser.

Christine Bernadette, from CAS said, “This was a fun event and we really liked the creative atmosphere and the interaction between children and pups. Moreover, we had interest from two different families who are considering adopting so we hope to find lovely new homes for some of our dogs.”

The Painting with Pooches event was also the launch of - an online shop and fundraising platform with products for dogs and dog lovers.

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