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Inspired by the functional backpack, the high-quality form and breathable mesh fabric of the SPUTNIK Harness allows your dog maximum comfort. The leather-clad unibody metal D-ring provides stronger function and style all at the same time.

SPUTNIK's patented protection pad equipped with high resilience foam and breathable mesh fabric reduces the impact of leash control on your precious canine.

• Prevents neck damage and tracheal collapse
• Durable genuine leather
• Stronger unibody metal D-ring
• Super soft patented protection pad
• Tough herringbone nylon webbing
• High-strength, outdoor-grade plastic buckles
• Adjustable at 4 points for optimal fit
• Handcrafted in Taiwan

Complete the look!
• S and S plus Harnesses match S Leash
• M and L Harnesses match M Leash
• Only S plus, M and L Harnesses fit Clean Bag


S : 32 - 40 cm (2 to 4kg)

S PLUS : 40 - 54 cm (4 to 8kg)

M : 54 - 73 cm (8 to 18kg)

L: 73 - 94 cm (18 to 35kg)
*Kindly allow these handcrafted harnesses a 5% discrepancy between size guide and actual products.




SPUTNIK - Comfort Dog Harness

  • Sputnik accessories have a combination of nylon webbing and leather parts. 

    Care for the nylon webbing parts:

    - Gentle handwash with mild laundry detergent

    - no machine wash

    - air dry, away from direct sunlight

    care for the leather parts: 

    - Wipe off any visible dirt using a dry clean cloth

    - Mix mild laundry detergent or any PH-balanced leather cleaner with bottled or distilled water

    - Using a microfibre cloth or sponge, clean the leather parts softly - be sure not to completely wet or soak the leather as water can damage leather over time

    - Finally, use another clean, soft cloth to buff the leather and allow it to air dry (do take note not to dry in direct sunlight as sun may cause the leather parts to dry up and crack).