The ribbon on this collar is custom made, and is Exclusive to 2 Hounds Design.  It is for that superhero dog, real or aspiring, who will say YES to these important questions: Faster than a speeding Frisbee? Able to leap tall food bags in a single bound? Scale tall hedges? Oh yes!   This dog laughs at florals, sniffs at checks, and stripes get a positive paws DOWN. They put the POW in your life every day, and proclaim to the entire dog park, loud and proud that THE style has arrived! 
- Made with a strong but soft webbing core in a width to match the collar width
- Enclosed the webbing entirely in either crepe - or flannel-backed satin for body and softness on the neck
- Securely sewn using industrial strength nylon thread on industrial sewing machines
- Finished with top-of-the-line hardware, including welded d-rings.

Available in 1" wide collar & matching leash. Made in the USA.

POW! - Satin Lined Buckle Collar