The Pineapple is often celebrated as a design element in architecture, as well as through embellishments on furniture, china, ornaments and linens.  And now we bring it to you on our Bandanas.  The fruit symbolises those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.  As a food the pineapple in chinese symbolises: - wealth, luck, and all round excellent fortune.  Get your dog Bandana.D in one of our lucky and friendly Pineapple bandanas!  Available in the Tie-Up style only and in three sizes: X-small, Small-Medium or Medium-Large.  Also comes in Yellow Pineapple (Reversible) too.

Pink Pineapple (Reversible)

  • Handwash with like-colored garments and warm iron. Not chew proof and manufacturer is not liable for all the extra treats the wearer may attract!