Pawrantine: A Dog’s Perspective

By Yeoh Siew Hoon
Illustrations by
Colette Alexandratos
Design by TwoSpuds


During April and May 2020, most of the world was on some form of “lockdown”. Some called it MCO, some called it “Circuit Breaker”, some faced “Quarantine”. Whatever it was, it meant humans were confined to their homes for long periods of time.


It will go down in history as the greatest social experiment for humanity. But what about for the canine creatures that we call our best friends? What was it like for them?


This journal, over 14 days, attempts to see life from their perspective. It is dedicated to doggie lovers all over the world, and our furry friends, who kept us sane.


Retail Price: S$18 (with a percentage of sales to be donated to OSCAS - Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter,

PAWRANTINE - A Dog's Perspective