OSCAS 2022 Calendar - Sponsor Someone Special, is dedicated to the dogs in their care who despite being adoptable many are in their twilight years, and so are often overlooked for puppies or young dogs and, as a result, sit in the shelter getting older. This year’s calendar is dedicated to OSCAS seniors and dogs who need extra support.


Sponsor Someone Special calls on the community to support a dog who needs extra attention - whether that be for medical treatment, rehabilitative training, or palliative care. Each month showcases a dog who requires an advocate, someone, who will stand up for them and help to give them exactly what they need.


Full proceeds from the purhcase of this calendar will go towards caring for these special dogs.


You can learn more about OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) by visiting www.oscas.sg

OSCAS 2022 Calendar - Sponsor Someone Special