GOOD VIBES TRIBE: Loyal.D presents a new range of product collaborations, where we hope to provide economic support to individuals in need while making practical and fun products for animal lovers!


This Loyal.D Martingale Loop has been specially handcrafted with the unique tribal design of the women living in the remote hill tribe village of Lisu in northern Thailand. The Loyal.D Martingale.D style collar is made from top quality nylon webbing lined with a bright fluro yellow neoprene padding - providing a cushioned comfortable control over those dogs that pull or those dogs still in training.  


Create a gift set by matching with the Purple Fix.D Comfort Leash and a Lisu Tribe Hill Purse. The creation of this collar and purse helped to provide an income to the women of the Lisu Hill Tribe, which helps to improve the quality of life of their immediate families living in the village.

Lisu Tribe Hill Gift Set (Purple) - Collar, Leash & Purse