Happy Paws Candles are made with premium biodegradable soy wax, therapeutic grade pure lavender essential oil and cotton core wicks - making it safe for you and your family, pets and the environment.


Dogs are highly sensitive to essential oils and fragrances and what seems like a faintest hint of lavender to you might smell like 100 acres of lavender botanicals to your pawsome family member. These candles are made with an optimal percentage of essential oil so that both you and your pet can safely enjoy the calming benefits of this special candle made just for your cherished pet.


Allow its mild and soothing fragrance to transport you and your best friend to the heart of nature - calming and relaxing .


- Handpoured and made in Singapore

- 120 ml weight

- Free from parabens, phthalates, and paraffin wax

- Aligned to the UNDP goal of responsible consumption and production which includes clean burns with eco-friendly materials 

- Nearly every part of these candles are recyclable or biodegradable

- 20% of net proceeds from the sale of our candles go to the Singapore SPCA.

Happy Paws Lavender Candle