This Singapore National Day 2021 we want to support our community animal shelters. Join Loyal.D's Help Our Shelter Dogs campaign by donating items they need. Every time a shelter dog is trained to walk confidently it increases its chance of finding a forever-loving home. 


Thank you for your support to CAUSES FOR ANIMALS  Please note:

- All items have been discounted 10% for your chosen animal welfare group. 

- Delivery will be FREE, however, if your order falls below $55 please choose the offline option at the checkout and we will follow up with an email to process your order. 

- If you wish to add anything else as a donation, drop us an email at: 

- We will directly deliver your donation to the shelter once the whole wish list is completed and send you an update.


Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited is an animal welfare charity set up to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore.  They employ programs and policies to promote best practice, ethical, sustainable, and compassionate treatment of animals.

CAS believes that working hand in hand with other organisations is vital and most importantly the best means to benefit local street dogs and cats. 


To learn more about their dogs looking for homes visit their website:


Following is CAUSE FOR ANIMALS SG National Day 2021 Wish List:


- LOYAL.D Fix.D Comfort Leashes 

- LOYAL.D Multi-Purpose.D Leashes 

- The Barkery Treats - Beef Liver 200gm

- The Barkery Treats - Bark-kwa Pork 200gm

- The Barkery Treats - Bark-Kwa Beef 200gm

- The Barkery Treats - Chickadees 100gm

- The Barkery Treats - Beef Bones 400gm

Donate to CAS (Causes for Animals)

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