Let's wrap-up 2020 in a positive way by supporting our community animal shelters! Join Loyal.D's Harness & Hope campaign by donating harnesses to your preferred community shelter. Every time a shelter dog is trained to walk confidently in a harness, it increases its chance of finding a forever loving home. 


Thank you for your support to ASD!  Please note:

- All items have been discounted 10% for your chosen animal welfare group. 

- Delivery will be FREE, however, if your order falls below $60 please choose the offline option at the checkout and we will follow up with an email to process your order. 

- If you wish to add anything else as a donation, drop us an email at: customerservice@loyald.com

- We will directly deliver your donation to the shelter once the whole wish list is completed and send you an update.


Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) is a registered Charity and was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore with a strict no-kill policy. To date, they have rehomed around 3000 dogs and have 150 dogs under their care.


Find out more about the dogs looking for loving homes here: ASD - Dogs for Adoption (asdsingapore.com)


On ASD Singapore Wish List they hope to receive the following items under donation to help them walk and train the dogs at the shelter as they prepare them to get adopted into their forever homes.


- FREEDOM Harness & Leash set - M (1-inch) x 4 - $65 less 10% 

- FREEDOM Harness & Leash set - L (1-inch) x 4 - $65 less 10% - 3 more needed to complete Wish, Thank you!

- DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - M x 4 - $75 less 10%

- DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness - M x L - $75 less 10%

- Loyal.D Fix.D Comfort Leash x 4 - $15 less 10% -  WISH COMPLETED, Thank you!

- SPUTNIK Multi-Function Leash x 4 - $29 less 10% - WISH COMPLETED, Thank You!




Donate to ASD Singapore - starting from $15

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