BELLY UP 100% Natural Australian Sashimi-Grade Tuna Steak is packed with essential vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats. It also has Selenium, which is a critical nutrient for a healthy immune system with anticancer and antioxidant properties.


Available in 70gm or 125gm packs



  • 100% Natural Australian Sashimi-Grade Tuna Steak



  • Crude Protein - 71%

  • Crude Fat - 9.4%

Australian Sashimi-Grade Tuna Steak

    • Handcrafted in Australia. Crafted and sorted by hand for quality and consistency.

    • Premium single-ingredient treat. No additives or preservatives.

    • High in essential nutrients such as selenium, magnesium, potassium, vitamins B and D.

    • Human-grade. Same human-grade Ahi Tuna used in poké bowls and salad bowls.

    • Wild-caught and sustainably sourced under Australian government regulations.

    • Perfect for training. High-quality training treat to be fed in moderation.

    • Suited for dogs of all life stages and all sizes.