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By creating You will need to create an account to start your online shopping this will make it easier for you when you visit us again as your personal details will not need to be filled out again. By having an account with us this will make you part of the pack so you will also enjoy timely promotions and special discounts on your or your dog’s birthday month and be the first to know about new products!


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Please send us an e-mail with a simple subject header ‘unsubscribe’ and we will follow through. do the needful.


Do you have a job for me?

We are a small start-up at this stage but in case you really like our brand and vision, drop us a note and we would love to speak or catch up for a cuppa.


Will you feature my dog on your site? I’ve got a great story or photo to share how can I do with?

We are always looking out for cute doggy and human pictures and funny anecdotes so if you have a nice story to tell or idea to share, please do drop us a note at


I’d like to volunteer with an Animal Welfare Group, how can I get involved?

Fantastic! Animal Welfare groups always need dedicated volunteers, please email us at and we can help link you up to help our animal friends.









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