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Woody, a rescued chained dog spent the early years of his life for 3.5 years tethered with a heavy chain, no shelter and fed scraps of bones sporadically. He was given a chance at life by OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) where he spent his middle years. As volunteers at the shelter, we helped Woody overcome his fears, learn to trust people and to walk on leash - one of the most important skills for a shelter dog to learn so they build confidence and so make it easier to walk into a home! 


We use the Freedom Harness to teach dogs to walk on leash for their safety & comfort.  Shelters are in need of such trusty dog gear and other items we recommend below in order to walk the dogs safely. 


Woody went into foster care as he suffered torsion while at the shelter.  Luckily, he was found in time, rushed to the vet and saved.  While in foster care, he learnt about living in a home and in the real world and during this time found his home sweet home! 


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Freedom Harness & Leash Set - recommened by dog trainers for safety and comfort



Loyal.D Multi-Purpose.D Leash - longer with 2 snap hooks at either end to adjust length & secure.



Loyal.D Tribal Martingale Collars are made with a padded neoprene to ensure comfort.



I'm Tag

I'm a playful and loving boy, currently still living at OSCAS shelter.  I love human company especially ones who enjoy my jumps for hugs.  I get along with other dogs too and would love to find my forever home where I can share my playful spirit. I'm vaccinated, microchipped and sterilised.


Singapore Special




9 years

I'm George

George comes to life when he is out on walks where he like to explore.  Once he knows and is comfortable with you he will seek a snuggle.  He has lived a good part of his life so far in a shelter and has come a long way from being scared and hiding under his platform to a confident big pup excited to get out and about.


Singapore Special




8 years

I'm Brownie

I've lived in the shelter most of my life where I came with my pups.  They, fortunately all found homes, two, in fact, live in Europe now.  I am in good health for my age, love to walk and explore and just spend time in kind human company where I can show my affection and enjoy my life! I love treats!


Singapore Special




10 years +


Little pawsitive acts can change lives

The core inspiration behind the creation of Loyal.D is a wish to highlight our community animal welfare groups. These organisations are run on people’s compassion, hard work and dedication with the end goal of providing a safe haven to rehabilitate the animals they rescue and ultimately find them homes. While passion helps keep up the good work, most community shelters operate purely on donation - and every little bit counts. That's why Loyal.D sets aside a small percentage from every product sale, actively seeks fundraising through our events and through volunteering.


Since December 2015, thanks to your purchases and through our fundraising events we have raised in donations over SGD$30,000.  We have managed to get eight shelter dogs sterilised, found foster homes for eight dogs, most importantly found permanent homes for sixteen rescued dogs and continue to help with re-homing dogs; and have created an active group of regular shelter dog walkers (our W W V group of Wednesday Walking Vollies) - who also help in many other ways too.


Little acts of kindness can go a long way for animal welfare groups and by partnering up with such groups we hope to make a positive impact in the lives of the dogs they care for.  If you too would like to make a pawsitive change please contact us:


We are dedicated to help support animal welfare groups in Singapore and hope you too can help us help them.


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