Canine Joint Support Organic Herbal Supplement






Canine Joint Support Organic Herbal Supplement

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Have you noticed your dog suffer from joint soreness and stiffness that comes with aging and arthritis? Or just looking for a preventative supplement?

Bugsy's Canine Joint Health formula is a 100% all-natural advanced joint supplement formulated by world-reowned herbalist Rita Hogan. Designed to combat and relieve discomfort & symptoms of Arithritis and Osteoporosis in your dog. Result can be seen as little as 2 weeks in some breeds.

This unique supplement combines key ingredients proven to reduce inflammation, prevent joint degeneration, encourage cartilage rejuvenation and improve joint  lubrication.

Net weight 80gm\


Mix with Food. As a guide, use dosage as follows, relative to your dog's bodyweight.

  • 0.5 - 4.5 kg [1 - 10 lbs] 1/4 tsp
  • 5.0 - 11.5 kg [11 - 25 lbs] 1/2 tsp
  • 12 - 22.5 kg [26 - 50 lbs] 3/4 tsp
  • 23 - 34 kg [51 - 75 lbs] 1 Tbsp
  • 34.5 - 45 kg [76 - 100 lbs] 1.5 Tbsp

Caution: Not to be used for dogs with diabetes, pregnant or lactating dogs. Always consult a vet when starting new health regime.

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  • Certified Organic Baikal Skullcap (scutellaria baicalensis): Clears excess heat from the body and reduces dampness while processing string levels of antioxidants
  • Certified Organic Rosehip (rosa canina): strong anti-inflammatoryand cooling to the body
  • Certified Organic Maritime Pine Bark (pinus pinaster): because it is a high antioxidant which combats the enzymes that break down cartilage
  • Wild Crafted Gravel Root (eupatorium fistulosum): to balance liquids and solids which is important in the demineralisation process and for preventing arthritic deposits
  • Certified Organic Marshmallow Root (althaea officinalis): for its lubricating and cooling properties and because it works well in combination with Gravel Root
  • Certified Organic Alfalfa: because it is vitamin rich and helps reduce discomfort and inflammation plus it features a complete panel fo amino acids
  • Certified Organic Carob: for palatability. It's a tasty and safe alternative to choccy for doggies!
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