Health Care for Aging Dogs: Incontinence and Kidney issues

As our own dogs grow older, we've seen various issues prop up and so we decided to start a blog series with tips from people providing healthy care for their own dogs in their senior years. Depending upon the breed, in most cases, a dog is considered to have entered senior years between the age of 5-10 years. To kick-start this series, we had a chat with Serene Wong about her Singapore Special Sophie's kidney and incontinence issues. Through self-motivated research and working with her Vet, Serene has devised a diet and lifestyle for Sophie that's helped reduce the pressure of Sophie's kidneys and provide some ease for the incontinence. While Sophie's incontinence issues started out early i

Moving Countries with your Pet Series : USA to Singapore | Singapore to USA

Our second Moving with your Pets Series covers transporting your dog and cat between The USA and Singapore. While the distance maybe long, it's far shorter than the heartbreak your pet will feel if they are left behind, so we hope these real-life experiences will offer reference and guidance to keep your furry family members together. USA TO SINGAPORE via KLM Jennica Lutz and her husband moved from Minnesota, USA to Singapore with their two dogs and one 15 year old cat back in January 2014. Since living in Singapore, they have adopted a third dog to their family. Here’s how they prepared and carried out their move with all their pets from Minnesota, USA to Singapore. LD: How many dogs do y


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