Top Dog Trainer Tips - Reward Based Training

Fred Leow, an AVS (Animal & Veterinary Service) accredited dog trainer, was the first dog trainer we met in Singapore through volunteering at OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter), where he shared his knowledge and tips on helping to walk dogs that had never walked outside their kennels on a leash. He introduced us to the benefits of using a harness, long leash and positive reinforcement – valuable knowledge that has made a remarkable difference in helping shelter dogs gain confidence in a safe and comfortable way. Fred is a trainer who has evolved or rather “crossed over” through sheer experience working with, observing and understanding dogs to their core. Here’s some insights he sh

Guide Dogs Singapore needs your support

Loyal.D has been supporting Guide Dogs Singapore (GDS) since 2018 and we were more than happy to partner with them again this year to help raise awareness and funds for their cause. As a service and companion dog a Guide Dog gives a visually impaired human the gift of helping them to integrate into society and live independently. Working Guide Dogs are extremely intelligent, sensitive, even tempered and perform a highly skilled job. To select and train the right puppies to become guide dogs is the crucial beginning to successfully pairing them with their waiting humans in need of their expert help. While every purchase on during April and May 2019 helped raise funds, GDS's need i


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