Reasons for using a Martingale collar for dogs

When we decided to make martingale collars as part of the Loyal.D product range, we carried out research on how and why this collar is best used, and what would make it more comfortable and safe for both dog and human. A martingale collar is a collar that basically gives better control over a dog without fully choking like a slip leash or full choke collar does. Designed with a smaller loop that makes the larger loop tighten around the dog's neck if the dog pulls a lot, it can be used with positive training methods like any collar or harness. When used properly, the aim is for the collar to tighten just enough for the dog to understand the behaviour is undesirable and yet, not let the dog sl

Moving Countries with your Pets Series: Singapore to the UK | UK to Singapore

Living in a global and transient place like Singapore, many people are used to a life on the move with changes, adjustments and the inevitable relocation. To help ensure this move is always done with the whole family (including our pets) we have put together a series of real life experiences from people who have moved to and from various countries with their dog(s) or cat(s). Our first move story in the blog series involves moving with your pet between Singapore and the United Kingdom. SINGAPORE TO THE UK via AIR FRANCE Sara-Jane Soutar relocated with her husband, their 18 year old son and three dogs from Singapore to the UK at the end of June 2018. Their three other grown up children alre


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