Top tips to build & boost your dog's immunity

Over the years of caring for our own dogs and volunteering at a local shelter, (OSCAS: Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter), we have come to realise the importance of a holistic approach when it comes to caring for our canine companions. From helping battle an outbreak of Canine influenza (dog flu) and tick infestation at the shelter to trying to maintain health of our own senior dogs, we've got a little experience to share. In a shelter enviornment, the main focus is usually intensive care towards cleaning, medicating for tick prevention and adapting the dogs' diets to bring increase nutritional value in the single meal they get. The situation got us thinking on the importance of building ou

Shelter dogs steal the show at EtonHouse Broadrick's School carnival

If a school carnival's coupons could have got a dog, we know a few kids that would have gone home with Bravo, CX, Pango and Belle - four rescued dogs looking for a forever loving home! The children of EtonHouse Broadrick School showed their love for animals by spending time with their fur friends, in spite of the cotton candy, bouncy castles and water slides around. EtonHouse Broadrick opened its' doors for shelter dogs at their PSA (Parent Student Association) carnival on Saturday, 1st of June 2018. This act of kindness allowed these four dogs to get a chance to meet potential families and for us to educate children on the benefits of adoption. Besides meeting Bravo, CX and Pango, the dogs


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