Top 5 tips to celebrate Singapore's National Day with your fur friend

As Singapore gears up to celebrate its 52nd Birthday as one nation, we decided to pull together our Top 5 tips on celebrating with your fur friend in a safe and fun way! 1) Get your Red & White on together! What's a celebration without some shopping and a bit of dress-up thrown in! To show our proud Singaporean roots, we think our fur friends too should sport a little Red & White with us... while keeping our dog's comfort in mind ... after all, a dog's gotta be a dog! Pawstyle Tip I: A Foxy Red & White Canvas.D collar. The perfect colours to don, smart looking, comfortable (comes in 1 inch and the wider 1.5 inch widths) and very easy to clean (we welcome the roll-in-the-mud sessions!) Pawsty

Top Five DIY Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming is an essential part of taking care of your fur friend and it differs for every dog depending on their coat. Take, for example the Bergamasco Shepherd (see image below) with its unique coat that is non-shedding needs a special type of grooming. In contrast, other dogs shed so much fur that you could potentially start a dog fur pillow business. Whether a short or long haired dog, if you have a dog who goes through the typical scratch-shed cycle (that is common amoungst dogs in warm, tropical climates) you too must be desperate for tips, like we were! The Bergamasco Shepherd's unique coat is made up of three different types of hair forming a coat of flocks (strands of hair weaved to


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