The shortest distance you need to travel to belong anywhere

They have changed the way people travel and now they are changing the way people work. Airbnb, the company that books more hotel rooms than the world's largest hotel chains (without owning a single hotel) is also a unique place to work with a company culture encourages a strong sense of community. (The second pack of airbnb dog walkers with Brownie and Ling Ling, 14th September 2016) As part of the employee perks, airbnb employees get four hours a month to do community service and Loyal.D has been delighted to host two packs of employees over the last few months as part of our 'Join the dog walking pack' campaign. Both teams helped Loyal.D walk the dogs at OSCAS, Oasis Second Chance for Ani

Singapore gets creative for animals and sets a new record

The first weekend of September had the Loyal.D team busy at multiple locations around Singapore, hosting our popular Painting with Pooches awareness and fundraiser concept. From creating new records to making colourful art statements with their pets and shelter dogs, Singaporeans and residents showed their compassion for animals by getting creative for animal welfare. Making a NEW Singapore Books Record! Loyal.D was invited by the Nee Soon East Community Centre and Hope for Animals team to adapt our Painting with Pooches concept to create the largest painting made by animals and humans in Singapore. A 2.6m x 1.44m canvas was rolled out and the community came together at Pet Fiesta 2016 to sh


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