As a Social Enterprise

- Where is LoyalD based out of?

LD: We are a global bunch but we call Singapore home for now and it’s the place where our company is registered.


- What is the main focus of your social enterprise?

LD: We have three goals:

1. We wish to retail creative, functional and practical products for dogs & animals lovers in general and with every sale, we pledge to give a percentage to a community animal shelter.


2. We also hope to use our platform online and on-ground to encourage responsible pet ownership and create a sense of loyalty amongst our fellow humans for other animals


3. We hope LoyalD will be a platform that will bring together likeminded people to build a creative and compassionate community. Loyalty, honor and commitment are important ethics to us and we see this reflected in the dogs we call friends – it’s our way to show our loyalty to a woman’s (and man!) best friend.


- Do you only support shelters in Singapore?

LD: We are a Singapore born company and as our first market, we have started supporting shelters here. That said, LoyalD is an online platform reaching out to a global community and we hope to support shelters in whichever market we sell in.


- I would like to work with you for an animal welfare group (AWGs) in my community. Is that possible?

LD: We would love to find ways to help those in need, if possible. Please contact us at with more details.


- How do you maintain transparency?

LD: Besides regular updates on our online blog and events page, at the end of each financial year we will upload a report on what all we did as a social enterprise.


Do you do due diligence of AWGs you support?

LD: As part of our regular, annual audits, we will do a brief due diligence, to the best of our efforts, of all the AWGs we will support.


- We create fantastic products by giving employment to women/ people in need/ less privileged members of our society. Is there some way we can work together?

LD: We would love to hear from such organisations! Please do drop us a note at


- We liked the ‘Painting with pooches’ event concept and would like to partner with you for it. How do we go about it?

LD: We would love to hear from you and the Painting with Pooches event idea can be easily replicated. Do drop us an email at and we can talk.


- I would like to donate your products to my favorite AWG. Is that possible?

LD: We would be delighted to help on this. Please visit the ‘Donate now’ link on to explore further.









Our mission is to: