OSCAS 2023 Calendar - Ways to a Dog's Heart - Makan!




OSCAS 2023 Calendar - Ways to a Dog's Heart - Makan!

OSCAS 2023 Calendar - Ways to a Dog's Heart - Makan!

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Food or Makan, as is commonly used in Singapore, meaning “to eat” is crucial to a dog’s health. The key is good quality with the type of ingredients that provide the beneficial nutrition a dog needs throughout the various stages of its life from a puppy to a senior adult.

Makan is a way to a dog’s heart in more ways than just nutrition but also in training, recall, bonding and building trust which is perhaps the biggest key to helping a dog that through no fault of its own lost its trust in humans.

This calendar features some of the dogs under the care of OSCAS and their relationships with food. Singapore is all about finding that shiok meal, and while the calendar makes reference to some local dishes, please note that NONE of these foods are good for dogs. They are used merely as a fun gesture to showcase Singapore’s favourite local dishes alongside the beloved Singapore Special.

Full proceeds from the purchase of this calendar will go towards caring for the dogs currently living at the shelter until homes are found.

You can learn more about OSCAS (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter) by visiting www.oscas.sg



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